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We are content creators who help non-profit organizations and companies to tackle pressing social and ecological challenges by telling captivating stories that raise awareness and inspire action.



We offer individual workshops with a healthy mix of theory and practice such as the basics of video marketing and video production. Inspired by the analysis of best practices from the industry, in the course of the workshop we work together on tangible projects.

Learn new skills to stand out in the digital world.



Together with you, we develop content marketing concepts for long-term formats, such as a video series or your own podcast. To do this, we provide you with the necessary know-how and the appropriate tools to be able to produce and publish them yourself.

Reach new target groups through relevant content.



We produce high-quality content for you with which you can inspire people to support your work. Depending on your needs, we will be happy to accompany and advise you from the initial idea to the publication. Cooperating with a network of experienced media professionals, we want to tell moving stories with you.

Show the world your approach for a better tomorrow.

Our Purpose

In a world full of bad news

we bring attention to impactful stories of positive change.

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From Passive Viewer to Active Supporter: A 10 step guide to an online video marketing with which you reach more people, engage them and motivate them to take action.



Mathias has been working in the field of video production for many years. He has worked with numerous companies and non-profit organizations and has participated in film shootings on various continents. For his cinematic work, he won the Camgaroo Award, the Young Media Award and has been nominated for the German Young Film Award. He studied at the Stuttgart Media University and holds a Master of Arts in Media Management. 

He is driven by the principle that everyone has an important and exciting story to tell that has the potential to make a difference.


Josua has realized a variety of film productions in recent years. These include commercials for companies and organizations in various industries, as well as music videos, documentaries and other short film formats. During this time, he developed a strong passion for hearing people's stories and getting excited about their dreams, ideas and visions. With his work he wants to bring hope to people, give a stage for hope to spread and encourage others to become hope-bringers themselves.

Through his studies in Media and Information Science (B.Sc.), Josua has profound expertise in media business and marketing.


Sophie has gained multimedia experience in Germany and abroad over the past few years. Her path has taken her from the influencer network "Studio71" in Berlin, to documentary film work in Australia, and on to Israel where she participated in a virtual reality project to develop international understanding between Israel and Palestine. Other films she has worked on are distributed on SWR, Arte and Netflix. Growing up in Central Asia, she walked an intercultural path from an early age and shared with a wide variety of companions. Intrigued by their stories, Sophie quickly realized that she wanted to make their voices heard. Sophie's particular focus is on finding the right narrative style for each story.

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